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Swingers Club Mallorca

The Elixir de Fuego

Is a Swingers Club for experimental couples & singles in the heart of Majorca.

Seeking, finding free spirits from different nations – coming together in one place. Step into the world of non-conforming life structure.

Experience and live the sexual freedom – far away from entrenched structures with changing swinger events and special swinger events, well-known organizers from all over the world.

For many years firmly established in the clubs and swingers scene on Majorca, we open our doors throughout the year with various swinger events.

Combine your holiday on Majorca with a visit to the swingers club Mallorca and book your exclusive event today.

Of course our team with different language skills is at your disposal.

Relax – open your mind – leave the outside world and enjoy the ecstasy.

Welcome to the Swingers Club Mallorca


Swinger – Events – all year

All-season – swingers – partys

Exclusive prices & discounts for VIP guests

Exclusive prices & discounts for VIP guests

Now more opening days

Now more opening days


Our Swinger – Events at a glance


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